Aquest any en fa 50 de “Bandè a part”. L’any que ve, serà l’aniversari d’Alphaville i Pierrot Le Fou. Un bon moment, doncs, per recordar a Jean-Luc Godard. I que bonica que era Anna Karina!



–At witch moment? Tell me
–Quite often. Last night in the corridor, for instance…
–This time you are lying
–When I said I was falling with you…
–In love? What’s that?

(He caress her hair)

–No, I know what that is: it’s sensuality
–No, sensuality is a consequence. It cannot exist without love
–So what is love, then?
–Your voice…, your eyes. Your hands…, your lips. Our silences…, our words. Light that goes, light that returns. A single smile between us. In quest of knowledge, I watched night create day while we seemed unchanged. O beloved of all, beloved of one alone…your mouth silently promised to be happy. Away, away, says hate: closer, closer, says love. A caress leads us from our infancy. Increasingly I see the human form as a lover’s dialogue. The heart has but one mouth. Everything by chance, all words without thought. Sentiments adrift. Men roam the city. A glance,  a word. Because I love you, everything moves. We must advance to live. Aim straight ahead towards those you love. I went toward you, endlessly toward the light. If you smiles, it enfolds me all the better. The ray of your arms pierces the mist.

(Capital of Sorrow)


Alphaville. 1965. Jean-Luc Godard